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The tattered arena was undoubtedly an advantage for Zhang Shan. The Wind Gods advantageous movements would be reflected. This was a clear tactical move.


There was still a killer move from Snow Li, but it was no longer a surprise attack. In full speed, the Light Wheel King appeared. Battuta flashed a little smile. He would love to witness the power of the sniper of Saruman Snake. Go ahead and strike! A perfect opportunity had already been presented to you!


Lear laughed too. He and Luo Fei understood this feeling very well. Jondi Lilick’s Ability X should be a mutation of devourment, spiritual attachment devourment. Although the form was different, the result was the same: a corrosion-type poison. If it was Lear, he would be most willing to name this type of ability “poison” – the poison of life. Wang Zheng was probably an idiot now, and this was more painful than death. Although the technologies were very advanced now, to be cured under such circumstances was unheard of. Even if he was still alive, Wang Zheng would no longer be Wang Zheng.


However, Wang Zheng had miscalculated this time. The Fighting Spirits speed suddenly accelerated. Keeping close to the ground, the direct blast of the spiralling wind swept towards the legs of the Hercules.


Almost everyone was waiting for Achilles response, but it did not happen. However, under such circumstances, Ouyang Chuanyuns strike expectedly struck empty!


Even the people of Aslan, who were usually confident, had doubts, while the heads of other countries were smiling and conversing. It was clear that everyone was happy to see this happen. Since all of them had lost, it would not be good for them if Aslan won. At least now, there was hope for Saruman Snake to win. If they lost to the victor, it would feel better.

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And to Wang Zheng, his best course of action now would be to find a safe opportunity to surrender. Losing was better than dying.


Jasper sighed helplessly, but because of the suffocating air, even his sigh was silent. He had come to witness miracles and had even bet a large amount on Saruman Snake. Of course, this amount meant nothing to him. However, he still felt some sadness.


Si Jiali felt a great sense of achievement too as not everyone could have conducted such interviews. The interviewer had to have substantial abilities and reputation. Others had tried but were all basically rejected. However, Si Jiali was different; she was the president of the student council of the Aslan Royal College. She was not just an ordinary enthusiast. To many of the teams being interviewed, this represented Aslan’s attitude, so it was an honour as well. If they had no special characteristic, why would anyone conduct an interview?


His voice was soft, but everyone heard him. Seeing him covered in blood, his limbs hanging limply, Wang Zheng looked like he could be knocked down with a feather. But of all the pros present – all these self-hailed-first-in-the-world, leaders of their generation – not a single one said a word.


But the Van brothers’ physiques seemed feeble. They had been too comfortable, and stopped the pursuit of the ultimate power. Spiritual blasting?


Aslan’s Sword Shield Rose battle team had advanced to the semifinals, taking the first seat. Before the match, there were some people who might have felt that Aslan had the advantage in this grouping. However, after the match, this idea disappeared as well. They were truly powerful, and was comparable to the Sea Queen battle team.


Perhaps fate was really teasing him. The original reason why Wang Zheng had fought so hard and to continue doing so even now was because of the most beautiful princess of the Aslan Empire, Aina.



The video images of the five of them were constantly changing, according to the data collected and simulations, to eventually identify each persons weakness.



Black Charcoal nodded. I have been observing. The shortcomings of the Atlanteans are very obvious. It isnt difficult to defeat them.


Hu Ya set himself free from his own frozen mountain. Looking at the limping Wind God, the titanium blade was filled with murderous aura. The Wind God was really fragile. As soon as it lost its flexibility, it lost its ability to fight.


Even Zhang Shan had made such progress, much less Achilles – the sun god. He had joined Saruman Snake alongside Wang Zheng for two reasons: to learn as much as he could from Wang Zheng and to challenge himself to betterment. If Lear chose to fight against growth, then he chose to observe growth.

  • Even without them saying, their members knew what to do. On the battlefield, not even Aslan or Arbiter dared to flex. And now an Earthling had dared to raise himself up. That was asking for it.
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