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Wang Zheng could not help but remember the mysterious organization. The Old Merchant had once hinted that they had been well concealed for a long time, infiltrating continuously, even to the core of some countries. The Earthworm Federation was not a small country.


At present, she had already worked with thirty-two teams. Of course, many teams had already been eliminated. However, the focus to this series of SIG interviews was not the outcome of the competition, but rather the personal abilities, sharing their growth journey, and experiences. It was also about the event’s highlights, and showcasing the essence. As such, everyone was the main lead.


There was a sudden realization was that the two royalties were facing life and death. The audience had yet to realize this, but some people had already realized this.


The second battle for the top four was between the Dynasty battle team and the Zero Degrees battle team. Both teams had equal opportunity to advance to the final four, or perhaps they would advance no further. However, there was a big difference between being in the top four and the top eight when it came to how many people would remember them. People may not remember the battle years later, but they would definitely remember the top four.


Snow Li did not ponder too much. She had equal confidence in Wang Zheng and her teammates in Saruman Snake. She could only ponder on other things after completely thrashing her opponent first. No distraction should be allowed, since she had limited ability.


Although there were many people around, the two were locked from the moment they met. There were a million things in their hearts that cried out, but an exchange of looks told all.

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The energy protection wall had been fully charged. It was obvious that both warriors were very confident and at ease. Confidence was obviously crucial in such a battle.


A ray of grey blade aura cut through the sky, thrusting towards Locatelli. The six energy warriors immediately greeted it, trying to resist.


Menlos murderous instinct is very strong. If Achilles confronts it head-on, it will be fatal, said Jondi Lilick.


Yan Xiaosu smiled. He sure was in the mood to prevent those who had not acknowledged him days before from climbing up the social ladder.


The sword’s energy swept past and the ball of thunder exploded in an earth-shattering manner in the air. The surrounding buildings collapsed in a rumble


Wang Zheng was weak in his powers of earth and metal. But for ice, wind, and fire, his comprehension was deeper than Aragorns. Each had their advantages and disadvantages. They were definitely evenly-matched.


Wang Zheng showed no fear. He had had such experiences too many times. He did not panic; spiritual power could change into offense and defence. This was not devouring, it was similar to the greed for the emptiness of an entity. This Death Vines were like the negative pole of positive and negative energy, and it was also another aspect of spiritual power. If not for the fact that the balance of the Five Elements could be deferred, no solution would be possible.



Zhang Shan had hidden himself. It would be dumb to do otherwise. Although student Zhang Shan was hotheaded, his ability to hide was meticulous. Of course, his closeting in the wormhole back in IG had been godlike. When it was time to endure, Zhang Shan did not shy away.



Laurel was thorough. She might not know the depth of Yan Xiaosu’s character, but his ambition for advancing was clear to her. Only her sensitive instincts were telling her that there was something off about this fatty. Although he had delivered time and again… the risks were great. One slip up could see everything of the past collapse.


Mu Zhen had used the most difficult challenge among Tita warriors. When a tribe chased a single person, and that Tita warrior lived, then he would not only take the name of a brave, but could also conquer that tribe. This was the Tita people’s way of deciding a battle.


That was why teaming up was the only road to survival. Because till present, enough teams had been eliminated. As long as you survived, you could enter the main competition. And mecha fights were a completely different matter.

  • “That’s good then!” Lin Huiyin beamed. The little princess was straightforward.
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