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The five mecha of the Heaven’s Arrows battle team represented the Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth powers of the Five Elements. They all chose warrior-type mecha. The most fearful thing about them was that they were obviously pretending to be weak during the individual battles. All the five of them possessed rather fearsome combat skills. Above it all, their spiritual coordination was extremely proficient.


A thorn suddenly detached itself in high speed from the vines. Fast as a bullet, it drilled right into the body of the flying bird. It fell into the forest and became a sumptuous blood feast for the lush forest.


At this time, he was hard pressed to back down. The Heavenly Overlord Attack was about advancing, not retreating. He could only increase the power, aiming to pressure Wang Zheng.


Although speed was ineffective, it was still an important factor in the battlefield. Undoubtedly, while the streaming movement would be susceptible to being captured when attacking the Knight of Holy Light, it would be useful as a method for evading as it was difficult to judge the movement.


With regards to the hostility, Xie Yuxin only gave a faint smile and said, Theres bound to be danger. But as long as you can do what Ive said, you can control the level of danger. Of course, this is still not hundred percent safe. Whether you can break through is still a personal matter.


Ye Zisu smiled ever so slightly. This was a super armour that she had specially made for the elite giant. Super Power Armour. A large number of supergravity energy mines had been added to it. No cost was spared in making this Super Power Armour to help the giant to fully unleash his power.

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After a short silence, resounding cheers were heard both on the inside and outside of the arena. Who said that Saruman Snake had already given up? Who said that there was no hope for Saruman Snake?


Only the remaining six teams did not make any comments, not even regarding the Holy Light series’ mech. The performance of the Holy Light series was already evident. However, the mech was a non-living thing, the key was the pilot. Could the Holy Light series be crushed?


8. Harbinger battle team (Heaven’s Arrow Federation) and Military Officer School battle team (Aslan Empire)


This was not the point. Kashawen had no interest in the process. She only wanted to know the result. But bringing Aina out had another purpose.


“Okay.” The negotiation team’s leader smiled, feeling exuberant. He had followed Chief Yan to ten over shipping companies. There were those who gave face and allowed them into their buildings, but some just directly had their security teams block them outside under the hot sun.


From a different perspective, Yan Xiaosu had provided this chance, and that was not bad already. One could not expect too much of others.


The Fighting Spirit was even more powerful in the heavy downpour. This was a battle with no return. Either they died of exhaustion or got beaten to death!



Wang Zheng had chosen a good place. He had cleared the surroundings and raised a campfire. In this place at this time, such actions seemed to be asking for death, but Wang Zheng had done it.



“Yes, Prime Minister. The Secretary-General is keeping a close watch on it. He will keep us updated on the latest happenings. But Lacus is there too,” replied the male secretary. A handsome man, a typical Aslan male. His disposition alone revealed that he was of no ordinary birth.


Papilsag was well-prepared and waiting. He knew that he had met his match. Any kind of natural energy advancement was very dangerous.


A foreign stellar region, and a symbol marked it as Milky Way Alliance 999’s troop, currently on an exploration mission.

  • Direct confrontation. The alloy sword and the Rune Sword struck continuously. Violent power blasted around the two, but neither of them retreated. After a few rounds of probing, they had a very good grasp of the situations. Ander Lucia was not even using the Runic Matrices. The speed of the Runic Matrices could no longer keep up with Mu Zhens speed. The speed of a mech was incomparable to that of a giant who was accustomed to the armour and with the acceleration of the lightning. The difference was worlds apart. A stronger power was thus required to defeat his opponent.
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